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BEATS Year-End Magazine Out Now!

The 2021 BEATS Magazine is live on our website. Check out our Best Artist of the Year, Breakout Artist of the Year, Top 30/100 charts and some stellar artist interviews!

Allen Kepler opened the magazine with a letter looking back on 2021:

Smooth Jazz Family,

Thank you for checking out our 2nd annual issue of BEATS! We hope you enjoy reading the interviews, charts and highlights from this past year. It has certainly been one of renewal, with concert tours and festivals firing up, new artist releases and several veteran artists returning to the recording studio!

Although the world has not returned to normal, it seems the artists, labels and promoters have created a ‘new normal’, returning to touring and continuing to release new projects and collaborations. 2021 saw more new releases than any year previous, as the smooth jazz genre continues to thrive.

Our congratulations to those who made it on our year-end TOP 100 chart. This has certainly been the most competitive year in the history of the format. The music you are making has never been better. We share our gratitude for your creativity and commitment to excellence.

We are all truly blessed,

Allen Kepler

Publisher, BEATS Magazine

Founder, Smooth Jazz Network

Contact us if you're interested in prtinted copies.

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