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Congratulations to everyone that made it into this week's Top 100!

New to the Top 100, congratulations:

- Rainforest Band "Caribbean Sunset"

- Bluey "Back Here Again"

- Euge Groove "Dirty Dozen"

- Ryan Montano "Soulfully"

- Jeff Ryan "Double Up"

- Anna Duboc "Lonely"

- Michon Young "Honeydew"

- Walter Chancellor Jr "Stepin' Out"

- BK Jackson "Silver Lining"

- Oli Silk Ft Vincent Ingala "New Bounce"

And moving 10+ spots this week congratulations:

- Marcus Anderson Ft Tim Bowman "Just A Taste"

- Cindy Bradley "Snack Grouch"

- Nicholas Cole "The Weekend"

- Four80East "Ba Ba Brazil"

- Steve Cole "Good News Day"

- Sylver Logan Sharp "Sailing"

- Willie Bradley Ft Ragan Whiteside "It's On Now"

- Alex Parchment Ft Phillip Doc Martin "Vibin' In Time"

- Paul Hardcastle "Latitude"

- Citrus Sun "Hard Boiled"

- James Gibbs III "Cuttin' A Rug"

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