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"Lonely" Music Video From 13-Year-Old Anna Duboc

Anna Duboc has a new video for her single "Lonely" that we can all definitely relate too.

The tune was our feedback track a few weeks back and continues to rise on our Top 100 chart.

Her website included a description of the new song:

"Thirteen year old singer/songwriter, Anna Duboc, wrote “Lonely” prior to the coronavirus outbreak, but feels that the song’s strong message is pertinent now more than ever. With help from Disney star, Dakota Lotus, Khadijah Emma, and six other close friends, Anna tells a story that resonates with kids all around the world. Only one half year into 7th grade, Anna and her friends found themselves having all classes online, no more school, no after school activities and sadly friends are not allowed to get together. Thankfully, Anna has been able to use music as therapy in difficult times, and she is hopeful her new music will help others."

Learn more about her on her website:

She's also featured on a new cover with her mother, Carol Dubac, which she announced on Facebook. Check out the link below the video!

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