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Feedback Track: Sam Rucker

Sam Rucker has a new single in this week's feedback track. Let's take a look at "Overcomer"!

It comes from his latest album "Redemption."

Rucker released a video for the song this week. The description tells a bit about the song's origins:

“On the soothing “Overcomer,” Rucker emotes intimately on soprano sax during an uplifting exchange with a guitar duo comprised of his nephew,Justin Taylor, andJohn Calisto. Tragically,both guitarists passed away unexpectedly three days apart during the recording of the album and the tune Rucker wrote to comfort and inspire others became his own healing grace. It is a focal point of the rousing eleven-track set penned and produced by Rucker. With its pleasantly infectious hook, “Overcomer” embodies Rucker’s formula of smooth, soothing grooves over gritty urban beats that reach inside the listener and touch them down on the inside. Released on Favor Productions, “Overcomer” again establishes Sam Rucker as a unique visionary in the genre."

If you're interested in the album you can get it from your favorite retailer here:

Learn more about Sam Rucker on his website,

You can check out the whole song below, just don't forget to head back to our homepage and cast your vote!

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