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You've heard all three singles from Carol Albert's CD "FLY AWAY BUTTERFLY" on the SMOOTH JAZZ NETWORK and now you can own the music on Carol's album just released. Below is a beautiful article written by award winning writer Kabir Sehgal

Every so often, an artist comes along that makes you reimagine the possibilities of music. With Fly Away Butterfly, Carol Albert delivers a seminal and sizzling contribution to the artistic sphere, blending lively melodies with thoughtful and refined arrangements with upbeat grooving rhythms. The Album already boasts three Hit Singles “One Way”, “Mas Que Nada” and “On My Way”

But this album is also one of healing, as Carol lost her husband in 2014, and she turned back to composing music after some years off from her recording career. Throughout the opus, we hear, quite beautifully, about Carol’s stages of recovery and healing. And by so doing, she has given us something for each one of us to hold onto.

The title track “Fly Away Butterfly” evokes an ambient groove enlivened by joyful, even mirthful flutes, the soundtrack to a butterfly flying away, from this place to that. Indeed, the track is symbolic, as Carol’s voice is intimate and distant, the delicate balance of love and loss that we all must face during life.

“Awakening” flows and builds with an ostinato groove, lilting flutes, and well-placed piano touches. The song is wrought with anticipation and playful exchanges that resolve to the tonic chord, a brilliant display of compositional prowess and acumen.

“On My Way” is even more explicit, an anthem for our times. It’s a song of new beginnings. Her lyrics “on my way to a better day - I’ll spread my wings and fly away…” connote not just escapism but realism.

“Across the Sky” begins with a Coltrane-like incandescent solo with dreamy, even distant vocals. With her vocal performance, Carol has her audience hanging on every note with anticipation.

“One Way” is a song about love and combines some of her favorite elements such as acoustic piano, nylon string guitar, and a hint of Latin percussion. The original version of “One Way” appears on Al Jarreau’s 1988 hit album Heart’s Horizon.

In “Mas Que Nada,” the Latin rhythms pulse with fervor and give a stylistic panache to this track, as if you were listening at a dark-lit club with fire-red dancing.

“Waterfalls are all about that instant change in forward momentum, and can be powerful metaphors,” said Carol when describing the track “Chasing Waterfalls.” Her rolling piano propels the momentum of the song back-and-forth, ultimately advancing it without compunction so that we’re immersed, maybe even drenched in a sonic landscape of groove in the province of jam!

“Never Thought It Would Be This Way” is a personal introspection into life when things turn out differently than expected. And ain’t that the truth.

“Transition” brings us back into the ambient world with watercolor harmonies and kaleidoscopic timbres cascading throughout the number. It’s about moving into new realms.

And with the last track “Fly Away Reprise,” Carol sends the message that there must be a final letting go.

In this album, Carol Albert has given us a musical testimonial borne out of the crucible of loss. We hear both resilience and grace in her music. By giving so much of herself in this music, we not only hear her, but she creates a space for us to join her on the road ahead.

--Kabir Sehgal

New York Times bestselling author

Multi-Grammy Award winning producer


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